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Jacklistens Survey – www.jacklistens.com


Are you a fan of Jack in the Box’s delicious tacos? You should participate in an online jacklistens survey to get two free tacos on your next visit to one of the fast-food chain’s restaurants. You can claim your free tacos from any of the 2,200 locations across the United States mainly in the West Coast after completing the questionnaire.

jack in the box survey

The www jacklistens com  survey questionnaire is designed to provide the American fast-food company with customer feedback including opinions, experiences, and suggestions about its products and services. Your feedback will be used in Jack in the Box’s commitment toward excellent products and services for its customers, perhaps even introduce new items on the menu. Your free-of-charge tacos are the icing on the cake, so to speak, especially when you consider that the questionnaire only requires a few minutes of your time.

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What You Will Need

Before taking the survey, you will need the following things:

  • Desktop computer laptop, tablet, or smartphone with Internet connection
  • Current official receipt from your last purchase from Jack in the Box
  • Valid email address
  • Personal information including name and address

Be sure to participate in the survey within three days of the issuance of your current receipt. Based on the 11-digit code on the receipt, the system can detect whether your entry is valid or invalid.

What You Should Do

www jacklistens com survey

You will find that participating in the jacklistens.com is fast, easy and convenient. Just follow these steps and your free food items will be ready for your taking.

  1. Log in to www.jacklistens.com or copy and paste the link on your browser before clicking on it.
  2. Click on the language button, either “English” or “Spanish” depending on your preference.
  3. Enter the 11-digit code found on your official receipt. Be sure to re-check the code as the system will reject it if and when there are errors even in a single digit.
  4. Verify the location of the restaurant visited by clicking on the “Yes” button.
  5. Enter the date and time shown on your receipt. State the type of activity, namely, Dine In, Drive Thru, or Carry Out on the system.
  6. Answer the two questions about your food order . Click the red arrow for the next screen.
  7. Rate your satisfaction level. Just check on one of the buttons on the provided list.
  8. Give your likelihood for returning for another visit.
  9. Enter additional details regarding your visit, if you so wish.
  10. Answer the subsequent questions. Click on the red arrow for the next screen.
  11. Record (i.e., write) the 4-digit validation code on your receipt.
  12. Sign out of the site.

Claiming your two free tacos requires the presentation of the receipt with the 4-digit validation code at the cashier while getting and paying for your present orders. Keep in mind that the free food items should be claimed within 7 days of the jacklistens survey.

Jack in the Box offers Americanized versions of several ethnic cuisines. The menu includes egg rolls and tacos, deep-fried jalapeño peppers with cream cheese stuffing, and breakfast burritos, among others.

41 thoughts on “www.jacklistens.com – Jacklistens Survey – 14 Digit Code”

    1. Henry San Miguel

      I have the same issue. So much for Jack listens. I hope they fix the issue soon. My dad loved Jack in the box. I eat once in a awhile in his memory which brings me a smile & warm feeling in my heart.

    2. Friday, April 22, 2022

      Nikki W. Yinn
      P.O. Box 140311 Dallas, Texas 75214
      Email: nikkiwuyinn @ yahoo.com

      I purchased the bacon ultimate cheeseburger it was exceptional good and a chocolate shake ($10.70)

      Exactly! My receipt only had “14” digits as well and the survey asked for an “18” digits. the receipt “14” digits:
      (827 101 700 224 97)
      JIB# 702
      Order# 142
      Purchase date: 4/21/2022
      Time of Service: 15:22 (3:22 pm) central time.

    3. Me too, but I just keep looking for a website that takes less numbers, they are out there, but takes me a while to find it each time ….

  1. It took over 35 minutes to get food to go at this restaurant Will not come back as this seems the normal JIB# 1129
    14 digit code 22’327 001 597 58

  2. hi today 3/15/2022 at 2:14 i went to store 7229 there were 3 spanic employees behind the counter seems like they were very happy talking to each other and laughing about what they were saying it was me and other two people waiting for any of them to take our order finally a male young employee ask me for my order :2 deluxe fish sandwich,1 large curly fry, and 2 tacos i paid and ask him to put some hot sauce in my bag, they were continue playing and having a good time ;the call my number got my bag and went home to have lunch, but in my bag there were only the 2 fish sandwich no tacos no fries. I called the store i ask for the manager i told her that i just had a surgery i ask someone for a ride to go there and l told her what happened she sound like kind of upset she said that i have to understand they are humans, and then she said “ok’ like it was not their fault or her fault for allowing that kind of behavior from the people she is in charge of she didn’t cared or cared less about me having a very hard time. Or not getting what i paid for she just tried to justify their mistake or luck of attention to their job; please tell me what to do

  3. Cannot take survey. Doesnt respond to clicking buttons.

    44717360378255 was 14 digit code

    Got home from ordering grilled chicken salad.

    Found that chicken piece was small then normal, and had a funny taste. Ended up throwing it away after two bites but still had upset stomach the rest of the evening.

    Not convenient to return to the store.

  4. Unable to take survey…. you have no 14 digit code box??????? only 18??????. Why do you so many different survey sites?????????

  5. so disappointed with drive through food. Love your tacos still missing the bigger ones you had for years/ Wanted to give feed back could not fingd a web site to give feedback that worked had 14 digit code on receipt not 18
    went through drive thru at jib#1146 at 0551 pm on 04/11/2022
    got pineapple shake but asked no whip cream had whip cream on it.
    got 2 tacos our family loves to eat in car on way home-ist one we pulled out was dripping in oil never had that before in all my Jack in the box both were so cold IT WAS TERRIBLE
    This is 2nd time we have gotten old tacos but never experienced the oil dripping yuk.

  6. Tried to order 2 Side Salads, after I originally ordered two Tiny Taco and one 3 piece Eggroll. Was told when I was at the Pay Window, “cannot do”, so I paid and left.
    May not be going back to Jack’s . Or it will be a long long time before I do. Not happy!
    Yesterday, we tried to go through the drive-through, but was told no more.
    You must really be having problems.

  7. Why do I have to look for 30 min to find a web site to take the 14 digit survey? Normal people will give up and say what the heck . The BOGO deal is not worth the stress of the product received . Normally , one web site would be enough to satisfy . Guess you want people to just give up . Well I have . I will go to What-A-Burger in the future and get my free senior coffee with my order and not have to mess with a survey. I guess Jack just doesn’t care.

  8. 14 digit code. 18 digit code.. lol the instructions says to enter an 11 digit code..
    Jack is NOT listening!! I got 1 digit for you , Jack!!

  9. Receipt has 14-digit code, but survey expects 18-digits. Restaurant in very busy part of Tucson [store #1155], but I was the only customer–the entire time! Workers were very happy visiting with each other. Overall, total disappointment. Had been a long time since I was at Jack, will be a longer time before I return. Bad reflection on local manager, and on corporate CEO. Jack neither cares nor listens. Hopefully, it will be replaced by a better business.

  10. Robin c Rosaaen

    Unable to post 14 digit code and wonder why the price I was charged is 20 cents more than the price advertised inside the store My code is 704-403-500-274-44 service date 04/22/3022 at the location in San Jose.

    Robin Rosaaen rcrosaaen@aol.com

  11. Sandy Patterson

    I wish to report the worst meal u have ever experienced in a Zaxby’s The food was awful and the service by the staff was worse.
    The drink machine was dirty and the floor underneath looked like it had not be cleaned or swept in days.
    The staff and manager acted as if it did not faze them one bit that my food was awful. Unbelievable experience for a Zaxby’ s

  12. Alan DINGEMAN

    You would think that maybe a numerical er
    ror caused this survey to not respond. But when
    you add two numerical errors,
    and clicking on required blogs also not responding, and 17 comments,
    some as 3 months ago, and still no disclaimer or reply, then it certainly appears to me a strategy like a traveling carnival would try to pull, it becomes obvious your survey errors were INTENTIONAL. As a valued customer for more than fifty years, I’m left with two words. FUCK YOU!

  13. Looks like there is a problem with your JackListens survey as we all have the same problem entering the code on our receipt but the system responds with an error message.

  14. Will not allow me to type in my 14 digit code. I mean it allows me to but says it’s incorrect I’ve been spending 30 minutes on this problem just to get two free tacos. They give you 3 days and it has only been 2 days. Even called the number and they will not even accept it

  15. Jack in the box#4059 sour dough jack worst I have ever ate. Bread wasn’t toasted, hamburger over cooked, very little mayonnaise bacon not done enough dry couldn’t hardly get down. Also bought a drink no diet soda had to get refund on soda. Drank water instead.

  16. nanette kearns degeorge

    I tried calling the 1/585/876/0461 and entering my code but the ink on the receipt is to light. I went to jack in the box store #3208 the worst service the breakfast jack eggs were over cook hashbrowns were cold. Had to go back to the store as they forgot my 10-piece chicken nuggets 12/08/22 order #107 time 2:42:40 pm emp. Jessica coupon code 525 can’t make out the 14-digit code as the ink on the receipt is to light. They charged me extra for 4 ranch dressings and gave me 4 free ones. I tried calling the store when i when home and seen that i didn’t get chicken nuggets and they never answer the call. A lady name Sonia said she was the manager she was very rude and said they knew they forgot and nugget and didn’t care that i had to come back. I will not go back to this store.

  17. Jack in box at globe arizona , January 25 2024 , order # 406 , store #1160 , food was fine , but after driving for 30 minutes got violently I’ll, ,, don’t know what caused it but looked at my drink and it had black specks in it , order made me sick

  18. This site is impossible to complete, my code is 14, they ask for 18 numbers, and even inside the instruction ask to check the 11 digits. I guess this way you can not comment on the food.
    I went through drive thru, food was so so , it appeared it had been made and been around for hours, I ordered the jr Jack combo- there was supposed to be burger, curly fries, taco and drink. the burger was mashed, fries was like from the bottom scraps the taco was broken in half.
    I ordered 2 supreme croissants and an ordered curly fries it was missed not with order.

    store 8208
    nice trick to keep ppl from committing

  19. Went to jacks today for the second time the first time they didnt even have any bone in chicken cooked at 1:00 pm on a saturday and the 2nd time today February 10,2023 in Greenville Ms they didnt even put the pie in my order and the cole slaw was warm and tasted like straight mayo and the mash potatoes gravy was so thick and dry. i wont be going their again anytime soon. And the codes on receipt cant be read or too many for the survey box. Poor customer satisfaction

  20. what a waste of time. found another jack’s website that spoke of a 14 digit code but at the header then nothing but instructions on how to use the 11 digit code. to top it off, the site you are directed to use asks for the 18 digit code.

  21. Jack in the Box has not responded to anyone with the answer to their questions and that is shameful. In addition to the code not working, the phone number on the receipt does not work either. If I do not get a reply, I plan to present these cases to the appropriate authorities to inquire if this constitutes false and misleading information in order to increase sales. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.
    523 156 805 612 15

  22. Store # 3256, Drive Thru Order # 145, Date 3/21/23, Emp Adriana, Time: 12:36
    14 digit code: 652 155 303 064 45
    It’s pretty sad when you can’t take the survey correctly. First of all, I ordered 2 Double Jack Combos and I received 2 Jumbo Cheese. I ordered one of them with no sauce and there was sauce on both. The girl at the window was so rude! She didn’t ask about condiments, then when I told her which condiments, she gave me the wrong ones, and I don’t think she said a word to me at all except the total. If she can’t take more than one order and get them correct then she shouldn’t. She should wait until she finishes one order before taking another. They need their speaker fixed!!!! Some people work and only have a certain amount of time for lunch. I didn’t have time to sit there and check everything at the time and I work too far to come back and tell them. Please get your 14 digit survey working soon. This is wrong!!

  23. I have been sending a comment here since the end of February. I received one answer the next day that completely missed the point of my comment. To verify what I was saying we went to Jack and purchased some croissant sandwiches and immediately enter it into the online survey. As before the online survey did not accept the 14 digit code. I wrote back to you, copying the previous E-Mails, and never heard back. BTW: its still broken. Are you going to do something about it or continue to ignore me?

  24. James Kozlowski

    I should have known better. Your system is terrible. You want either an 11 numbered code or an 18 number code, but the receipt I have has a 14 numbered code. Go figure

  25. Barbara Jean Jensen

    went to your California, Torrance facility. Order two large milkshakes. The price on the marquee read $3.49 for a large.

    We were changed $3.79. Asked the employee about this and was told that the price was $3.79 in the system and that is what we would be charged, plus tax. He said the board probably needs to be updated. I asked him to mention this to his manager.

    This costs us $.60 more than we expected. Mostly, this is not right, or ethical. Correct prices should be posted.

  26. What is this 81 digit code, my receipt only has 14. The Bellflower location I go to #3192 needs to put tape into register. For weeks you can hardly read receipts to enter anything. Also can’t get into app to add for rewards, no one ever responds to my emails to help, so what is the point of downloading app. I used to really like this location but this am they were the pits! They were more concerned about getting a new person on the register than with my order. When I got home I received none of the condiments I asked for, food was cold and didn’t get my coffee. If this is how it is going to be going forward I am done with Jack in the Box

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