Firehouselistens – Participate in Firehouselistens Survey and Win $500 Cash

Firehouselistens Survey – @ [Win $500 Cash]


FirehouseListens is the official customer satisfaction survey conducted by Firehouse Subs restaurant. The Subs created this survey in order to get the customer feedback regarding its food and service. The restaurant needs genuine feedback from the customers to evaluate the business progress and weaknesses by @

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For completing the FirehouseListens survey, you will get a chance to win $500 cash from the restaurant.


About Firehouse Subs Restaurant

Before we read about the FirehouseListens survey, let us discuss more the firehouse subs restaurant. It is also popularly known as the firehouse of America. The firehouse subs restaurant is amongst the best fast food restaurants in the United States.

It was founded by Chris and Robin Sorensen and it has more than 1100 chains. You will find its branches in Mexico, Puerto, and Rico as well as in Canada.

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Initially, the owner decided to buy back some franchises of Firehouse Subs. But since the restaurant grew well, they decided to open many chains in different locations.

What makes the firehouse subs is its unique concept of decoration. On your visit to the restaurant, you will find many firefighter memorabilia. It gives you the feel of a fire department. You will find custom mural as well as hand-drawn paintings on the wall of the firehouse subs restaurant.

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Each painting and mural represents the police and firefighters in each town. There each restaurant has a different mural.

You get to enjoy a variety of menu items. The restaurant also serves salads as well as the seasonal menu. You must give the menu of firehouse subs a try.

FireHouseListens Survey & Sweepstakes Rules in @

Before taking up the survey, you need to understand the rules of the survey. Here in this section, we will tell you about the rules of the Firehouse Listens survey. You can also check the rules at the official survey site located at, but you may find them confusing. Therefore we have summarized them for your ease.

FirehouseListens Survey eligibility criteria:

To take part in the Firehouse Listens survey, you must be eligible for the same. To following people are eligible to take part in the Firehouse Listens survey and sweepstakes program –

  • You need to be a resident of the United States of America. Apart from the United States, the Puerto Rico and Canada citizens are also eligible.
  • A survey taker needs to be more than 16 years to take part in the Firehouse Listens survey.
  • The employees of firehouse subs cannot take part in the Firehouse Listens survey.

You can visit @ to know more about the rules.

How To Enter FirehouseListens Survey?

There are two ways to enter the survey sweepstakes. One way is through the online sweepstakes. You can join the online sweepstakes only if you have a valid receipt of purchase. You need to fill the guest satisfaction survey first to join the firehouse sweepstakes program.

The second one is the offline sweepstakes program. You can send a mail to join the sweepstakes program.

To do so, get a postcard of dimensions 3 X 5 inches. Write down your name and contact information such as your address, phone number, and email address. You also need to write down your age on the postcard. Put this postcard in a business-sized envelope and mail this to Firehouse Customer Survey Sweepstakes, PO BOX 428, Machedon New York, 14502 0428.

FirehouseListens Survey Rules

There are certain rules you need to follow to join the sweepstakes program of firehouse subs. Here are the rules you must obey –

  • You must be eligible to participate in the sweepstakes program of firehouse subs. If you are not eligible, you will be disqualified even if you were the winner.
  • You can only submit one entry per month, no matter whichever method you choose.
  • The sponsor can substitute the prize for something equals to the original prize.
  • You must claim your prize within 7 days if you become the winner of the sweepstakes program.
  • To claim the reward, you need to submit all the documents asked by them in order to verify the authenticity of the information you provided during the time of registration in @

The lucky winner gets a prize of $500 cash and will be notified via mail or call.

How To Complete The FirehouseListens survey?

To complete the survey, you need to follow a few steps. Here in this section, we are going to tell you how you can fill the survey without any hassle.

  • First of all, visit the official survey site located at the address You can either click on this link or enter this link in the address bar of your browser.
  • The firehouselistens survey is available in 2 languages – English and Spanish. You can choose whichever language you are comfortable in.
  • After the language, you need to enter the validation number. The validation number is printed on the receipt and it serves as the survey code.
  • After that, enter the total amount spent by you.
  • Now, hit the start button to begin the firehouse listens to survey.
  • You will be asked certain questions regarding your last visit to the firehouse subs restaurant. They may ask you to rate your overall satisfaction with the restaurant service or the attentiveness of the staff or the condition of the restaurant.

After the survey is over, you can enter the sweepstakes.

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